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Mooncakes for
Mid-Autumn Festival 2015

We have sampled many Mooncake through the years but we know good ones are indeed few. Smoothness in texture, savory in taste and innovation in ingredients and flavors are important criteria when it comes to selecting the best mooncake. Premium lotus mooncake for example, are made with high quality lotus seeds, has deep flavor, unusual smooth texture and most importantly not too sweet.

For the past several years, Pods & Petals Giftlab only uses moon cakes from Baker Cottages for its gifting needs of its customers. Reason is simple. Our customers are discerning when it comes to selecting the best. And Pods & Petals, with its priority in delivering great gifts, is delighted to abide.

Our passions for great gifts are simply like the luscious flavors of great moon cakes, they are made and baked from the depths of the hearts.

Add a box of mooncake to your gifts & flowers and share the joy of the festival.

Blueberry Opus
(1st in Town)

Bubur Pulut Hitam
(1st in Town)
  • Golden aromatic French Mooncake Skin.
  • Sugar free blueberry white lotus with dried blueberries.
  • Smooth yogurt mung bean filling.
  • AGolden aromatic French mooncake skin.
  • Yummylicious black glutinous with white lotus paste.
  • Alluring coconut Mung Bean filled with crunchy coconut flakes.

Jewels of Nature
(1st in Town)

Ultimate Jujube
(1st in Town)
  • Luscious Japanese sweet potato butter pastry skin.
  • Aromatic sugar free yam lotus paste.
  • Wholesome goodness of natural Japanese sweet potato.
  • Traditional cantonese baked skin.
  • Sugar free white lotus red date paste made from 100% imported premium organic red dates.
  • Palatables Mung Bean filling with chunky dried Longan.
  • Golden salted egg yolk.

Supreme Manju
(1st in Town 2013)

Peach Lychee Symphony
  • Authentic Japanese Manju baked skin.
  • Unique maple white lotus with crunchy pecan nuts and melon kernel seeds.
  • Savory custard Mung Bean filling with salted egg yolk for a richer after taste.
  • Aromatic peach butter pastry skin.
  • Delicious peach lotus paste with crunchy pistachio bits and dried apricots.
  • Mouthwatering lychee mung bean filling.

Avocado Mango Tango

Caramel Butterscotch
(Chef Recommendation)
  • Fragrant coconut butter pastry skin.
  • Milky avocado lotus paste with mango mung bean filling and juicy apricot bits.
  • Aromatic latte flavored butter pastry skin.
  • Creamy, fragrant butterscotch lotus paste with almond nibs and macadamia nuts.
  • Luscious flavor of salty caramel filling..

Supreme Mixed Nuts

Pandan Lotus
(Most Original)
  • Nutty filling with generous portion of supreme ingredients like scallops, dried chicken meat and chicken floss to distinguish it from the ordinary taste of nut moon cake.
  • Made from 100% premium quality Hunan lotus seeds and cooked with refined vegetable oil.
  • Its natural fragrance of pandan taste is from 100% natural pandan extract.
  • Moderate level of sweetness and smooth in texture with melon seeds

Imperial Ivory
(1st in Town 2012)

Jasmine Cheesy Citrus
(1st in Town 2012)
  • Creamy milky butter pastry skin
  • Cooling winter melon paste with chunky dried longan and melon kernel seeds
  • Delectable macadamia bits in a single yolk
  • Rejuvenating Jasmine Tea scented pastry skin
  • Silky smooth white lotus paste
  • Zesty lemon cheese mung bean filling

Grand Ruby
(Best Seller 2010)

Purpleberry Cheese
(1st in Town 2012)
  • Delicious and nutricious mooncake
  • Red Yeast butter pastry skin
  • No sugar added lily bulbs wihte lotus
  • No sugar added red yeast olive lotus made from 100% olive oil with chunky dried olive
  • Delicate Purpleberry pastry skin
  • Delicious Purpleberry lotus paste with anti-oxidant rich blackcurrants
  • Delightful cheese filling

Precious Black
(Best Seller)

Green Tea Custard Azuki
(Best Seller 2009)
  • Delicious and nutritious pure charcoal powder butter pastry skin
  • No sugar added white lotus paste with chunky dried longan
  • Natural wolfberry lotus paste
  • Premium Japanese green tea butter pastry skin
  • Natural green tea lotus
  • Smooth custard filling with Azuki

Low Sugar Taro Yuzu

Pearl of Harmony
(All time favorite)
  • Yam glutinous pastry skin
  • Low sugar yam white lotus
  • No sugar added yuzu white lotus with refreshing orange peel
  • Baked golden brown skin pastry
  • Black sesame seeds lotus paste
  • Yellow mung bean fillings
  • Single salter egg yolk

Low Sugar White Lotus 1 Yolk

Red Bean
  • Baked golden brown skin pastry
  • Specially formulated low sugar paste white lotus paste
  • Premium quality golden salted egg yolk Red Bean (Original)
  • Baked golden brown skin pastry
  • Quality Red Bean paste
  • Melon kernel seeds

Pearl of Prosperity
(All Time Favorite)

Cheesy Choc Oreo
(All Time Favorite)
  • Unique 3 layer series with Cantonese skin pastry
  • Jade green lotus paste at outer layer
  • Followed by mung bean filling and a golden salter egg yolk in the centre
  • Special chocolate butter pastry skin
  • Rich and smooth premium dark chocolate lotus paste with melon kernel seeds
  • Irresistible cheesy Oreo filling with roasted almond nibs

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