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Giving of Oud during the Holy Month

Giving of Oud oils, Attars and Mukhallats in exotic decorative bottles as Gift

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Bakhoor, Arabian Makbhar Burner and Oud chips are great gifts to perfume the homes during Eid


Giving of Oud during the Holy Month

Oud incense and oil as well as eastern perfumes have an esteemed place in the heart of Arabian Muslims. Burning oud, or agarwood, is an old tradition practiced at almost every home in the Middle East all year long; it is also used as a gift on social occasions like weddings and engagements, where it is a common custom to include elegant-shaped pieces of oud in the traditional gift boxes presented to the parents and close relatives of the bride. During Eid, it is an old costume to burn some and let the fragrance of its smoke fill the house while receiving visitors. Many people wear it as perfume, using oud oil, when they go to Eid prayers and during visits.

Perfume and incense are used in many religions, but none gives them as much importance as Islam and Christianity does. In Islam, fragrance is used in everyday life, for each event, whether it is spiritual or social.
To understand its importance, we must know that if in the West perfume is associated with the scent of seduction, in the Arab-Muslim world has an eminently spiritual character.

The Quran and Hadith (sayings reported by the Prophet) show us that good smells are associated with all that is “close” to God, like heaven or the Prophet. There are numerous hadith relating to fragrance, which is in itself an indication of its status.

The scholar Ibn al Qayyim explains the link between the perfume and the soul - the good odor feeds the soul which is a source of strength and power increases by the fragrance. It is then good for the brain, the heart and all internal organs. It gladdens the heart and makes the soul happy and joyful.

Fragrance reminds us of heaven. It is reported about the people of Paradise that their smell will be the one of musk and incense burners will be fueled by the oud (Bukhari and Muslim). For this reason oud is sometimes referred to as the Fragrance of Paradise.

Some scholars believe that perfuming is a charity, in the way that a person who perfumes herself smells her perfume during a few minutes while people around her will smell it during a long time. Hence, these scholars consider that there is no limit to the money that we spent for fragrance. This is not a frivolity or a waste in which Islam is opposed.

The spiritual aspect of the fragrance can be found in every moment of the life of a Muslim. It is particularly commendable to perfume oneself on holidays and Fridays. This use of fragrance is not limited to the people, it is also commendable to praise the mosques and the Kaaba. Aisha, for instance has said – “Perfuming Kaaba is better than offering him gold and silver.” This shows once again the value of fragrance in Islam. So it is a tradition to anoint the Kaaba of the most precious perfumes, whether it is musk, amber or Oud. Indeed the three columns supporting the Kaaba are each surrounded by circles of aloes wood.

With so many reasons for good scents during the holy month, Pods & Petals therefore endeavor to bring to you the gift of Oud as Eid Al-Fitr approaches. This Raya 2015, we are introducing to our esteemed customers the gift of Bakhoor, Mabkhar Burner, Oud Mukhallat oils, and more for the delights of your recipients. Check out more of Pods & Petals offerings at

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