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Introduction to Oud

Aquilaria tree showing darker agarwood. Poachers had scraped off the bark to allow the tree to become infected by the ascomycetous mould.

Cut section of a Aquilaria tree that has been treated to produce Agarwood. The tree has a large area of resin that formed throughtout the tree

Aged wild Oud chips. Different Oud chips from different region have unique scent profiles.

Jewels from nature. The variety of oud oils from Asia are used in a variety of perfume blends.

Bakhoor - Oud chips ready to be used as incense where some are immersed in perfumed oils such as oud oil, Rose, Amber, Musk


Introduction to OUD – Part 1

Also known as Agarwood, Aloeswood and Kayu Gaharu, Oud is nature’s most exquisite fragrant offering. And yes, real quality oud is the most expensive scent in the world and most time, good quality oud oil can easily costs between US$50 to US$100 per gram while real standard oud wood chips can easily fetch above US$35 per gram up. One needs to pay a lot more for the top quality wood or wood chips.

Agarwood is created when insects crawl into a certain type of evergreen tree deep in a Far Eastern jungle causing the tree to become infected. Agarwood—aka Oud—is a resin the tree produces to combat the infection and over time the infection and the agarwood immunity will spread within the tree.

In the not too distant past wild agarwood was abundant but today the demand for agarwood far exceeds the supply of wild wood and outside Indonesia most trees are now cultivated and scientifically innoculated to stimulate the production of the holy resin.

There are few natural aromatics that have as complex a scent spectrum as Oud. Natural ambergris, musk and sandalwood also rank as some of the most valuable natural fragrances, but none come close to oud in the sheer transcendence and sublimity its fragrance boasts.

More than just a scent, oud can be mentally and spiritually engaging. In fact, ouds from different regions also seem to have different effects on a person’s emotions. Indonesian oils induce joy and frivolity, while Indian oils have a deeply pacifying quality which makes them popular for using when meditating.

This year, Pods & Petals Giftlab brings to you a little experience of Oud as we start the journey of introducing Oud experience in our gifting offerings. We hope by sharing this with you, we can create an ongoing relationship of our gifts and our love of Ouds with you and your loved ones.

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