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The many Benefits of


For many thousands of years, human civilization have known the benefits of honey. It has been used in food preparation, cosmetics, hair care products, mummification procedures, and health care since ancient times. With the advent of science-based medical care, natural cures such as Sidr honey took a back seat to prescription drugs. However, as one see the lists of side-effects lengthen, one may look to ancient, natural healing principles when we or our family members fall ill. Because of its widespread applications, Sidr honey is one natural remedy we won't want to be without.

Sidr Honey for Sinus Infections
Today, people are quite accustomed to taking prescription medication for sinus infections, but you might be surprised to hear that Sidr honey effectively kills Staphylococcus aureus, the bacterium responsible for respiratory infections. Honey has several antibacterial agents that go to work on staph infections, whether inside or outside of the body. Simply soften a small amount of Sidr honey and dissolve it in your saline nasal wash. Even when Yemeni Sidr honey is diluted very thinly, it still has powerful antibacterial agents that will help you fight away the infection and get you breathing easier. You can also incorporate it into your diet for its nutritional benefits. A boost in nutrition is always beneficial during times of illness.

Sidr Honey for Skin Infections
One problem our prescription culture has caused is drug-resistant bacteria. One may have heard of the devastating effects of MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus).

This bacterium, the same responsible for sinus infections, can become lethal when mutated to resist medication. When a patient is diagnosed with MRSA, surgery is required to remove the infected tissue, followed up by powerful antibiotics whose side effects can cause major health problems of their own.

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Woodcott SIDR Honey 250g
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It sounds grim, and it is, but where modern science has failed, nature has provided. The antibiotic agents in Yemeni Sidr honey have been shown to effectively fight MRSA. What's more is that Sidr honey was shown to be the best at killing the MRSA bacterium, even better than Manuka honey. When applied directly to the infection, Sidr honey bypasses MRSA's protective coatings -- something standard antibiotics are unable to do.

Although Sidr honey is a very powerful antibacterial agent, you don't have to have MRSA to benefit from using it. It can also fight infections from standard injuries such as paper cuts, skinned knees, or even bacterial acne. Since Sidr honey also contains powerful antifungal agents, it could also be used to treat common fungal infections such as athlete's foot or ringworm. Simply apply it as a compress and let it work its magic. It can even be used topically to get rid of lice and dandruff.

Sidr Honey for Gastric Ailments
Each person has natural bacteria in their gut to help them digest food. When one suffers gastrointestinal ailments, often the culprit is not at an optimal level. In order to balance intestinal flora, doctors might suggest taking probiotics, which can be found in many nutrition stores. Like with vitamins, probiotics -- a cocktail of beneficial bacteria -- are most effective and best assimilated when acquired from a food source instead of a pill. Yemeni Sidr honey contains live probiotic cultures that are highly bioavailable, meaning they get into one system and start working fast. Hence, if doctors recommended probiotics for intestinal ailments, the sweeter and more effective option is Yemeni Sidr honey.

Sidr Honey for Cancer
For generations, people who swear by Yemeni Sidr honey have been using it for all kinds of ailments. Over the years, stories of miraculous cancer recoveries have been waved off by doctors who said it was impossible. But new stories of cancer recoveries attributed to Sidr honey are told every day, and now scientists are taking note. While there are still no definitive answers on why Yemeni Sidr honey seems to help patients recover from cancer, scientists have a couple of ideas.

In recent years, Sidr honey's high antioxidant content has been noted. Antioxidants prevent cell damage inside the body by fighting free radicals -- agents that damage cells, sometimes resulting in cancer. While scientists haven't pinpointed whether or not the powerful antioxidants in Yemeni Sidr honey fight cancer, it makes sense that they could. At the very least, adding Sidr honey to one’s diet can improve cell health, which may also help overall prognosis. Additionally, considering the superior nutrient content of Yemeni Sidr honey, the boost in nutrition alone can help fight off illness.

Authentic raw unadulterated Sidr honey made a great gift not just for yourself but anyone in general, be it for friends or associates who recently recovered from an illness or a health gift to your loved ones.

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