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A Tale of Real Flowers & Everlasting Life

The gift of flowers is the gift of nature at its best – beauty, life and good cheer. On top of that, it carries the message of the giver that makes it so dear and precious to us. In hopes of keeping the flowers for as long as possible, many have gone as far as drying them or substituting them entirely with artificial blossoms. All that has changed.

This year, Pods & Petals Giftlab, in collaboration with LavieFlo, is making real lasting flowers available online at LavieFlo, the first in Malaysia to introduce 100% natural flowers that are "Preserved" using advanced technology will be making available real flowers that last for years. The preservation process replaces the blooms' sap with safe-compounds; keeping them feeling delicate and looking vibrant as fresh flowers. Almost every characteristic of a real flower is maintained, allowing its beauty to be captured for a prolonged period.

The making on Eternity

The flowers at Lavieflo have undergone a tender preservation procedure to preserve fresh natural flowers. The preservation technology has been perfected to breathe eternal life into fleeting flowers, allowing them to stay as crisp as they were at the time of picking for many years, with neither water nor sunlight needed.
Here is a little glimpse of how the flowers are preserved :
• The flowers are plucked at the peak of its bloom and their water contents extracted.
• They are bleached through a clean, non-toxic and medically approved process.
• An ultra-sound process is employed to cleanse the flowers of their sugar, fat, protein and salt contents.
• The flowers undergo two types of preservation process – tipping and drinking – where safe, food-grade cream substances are injected into them as replacement for water contents, as well as the desired colour.
• The flowers are left to dry naturally
The entire process, which involves over 40 steps, is meticulously planned and carried out over the period of 15 days. Because of its laborious nature, only the freshest flowers of the highest quality are used.


Care Instructions – A little bit of tender loving care goes a long way

Do NOT water
Do NOT expose to direct sunlight and strong light
AVOID direct contact with anything wet
Store and display at temperatures below 35°C
Keep humidity levels at approximately 40% - 60%
Blow with hairdryer from a moderate distance when dusty


Order can be made via, fax +603-79573233 and


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