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The Best of Ramadhan and Raya Delicacies 2012

Pods & Petals GiftlabEvery year, we bring to you the finest Ramadan delicacies to surprise and bring loads of joy for the season. This year is no exception as we present a few new varieties from locally and all over the Middle Eastern continents. Other than the traditional Bangkit Bugis, Pineapple Tarts, Dodol, Layered Cake, Beef Serunding, we would also like to introduce our new collection of tasty delicacies.

With the tradition of giving and sharing, we hope that these gifts will convey your sincere message of concern to each and every of your recipient.

Our Swizzel Candied Fruits
Also known as Crystallised Fruit, these exotic desserts are made by placing them in heated sugar syrup thereby absorbing the moisture from within the fruit and eventually preserving it. Fruits that are already firm, such as pineapple, apricots, cherries, figs, pears and apples, are best for candying. Our candied fruits, delivered direct from the dedicated candy maker are one of the freshest and the finest.
Our Traditional Agar-agar Kering Johor
Also known as Royal Johor Crystal Jelly, it is a popular Malay traditional delicacy popular among Johor royalties. The colourful candy-like jelly is sweet and dried and is served during the festivals. Our Dried Jelly is homemade and prepared with Premium Royal Jelly which contains natural source of nutrients that are beneficial to the body. Each bite will only leave you reaching for more.
Our Jordanian Almond Dragee
Pronounced “dra-zhay”, these delectable candied Almonds are also known as “sugared Almond” or confetti. Popularly used as wedding favors; “bitter” almonds and the “sweet” sugar symbolize bitterness of life and sweetness of love. Through the years, these colorful treats which originates from Sulmona, Italy soon find its way to the hearts of many Middle Easterners as festive treats for joyous occasion and the Raya celebration. Our Almond Dragees are specially imported from Jordan for its quality almonds characterized by its long, slender, rather smooth kernels in thick, heavy shells.
Our Turkish Cocos Savoury with Mint
Another pleasurable indulgence which you will discover at Pods & Petals. Absolutely delightful, our Cocos Savoury are made only with the best ingredients – fresh grated coconuts, mints, rosewater, premium Belgian chocolates and hand-picked Cashew Nuts. These heavenly cube shaped treats are specially prepared with Turkish Sultan’s Original Recipe to ensure each scrummy piece is always rich, fragrant and luscious.
Our Premium Stuffed Dates
Our Premium stuffed Dates are specially sourced and selected to ensure highest quality, size and tastes. Each juicy piece is produced with the highest grading Saudi Dates in combination with the best selection of Fruits and Nuts. By adding ingredients to the already delicious date, an unforgettable combination of taste is naturally created. The fillings include Almond, Pistachio, Apricot, Walnut and Hazelnut.
Our Arabic Nougats
Shipped specially from Lebanon, our top quality Nougats uses only the finest ingredients – Turkish Pistachio, California Almonds, Apricots, Strawberry, Rose, Raspberry, Kiwi and Banana. Our fine nougat is gelatin free, handmade and prepared in small batches to ensure it’s always soft, creamy and smooth.
Our Ultimate Callebaut Chocolate Dipped Dates
There’s a clue in the name. Our Chocolate Dates are specially dipped in imported Swiss Felchlin couvertures and stuffed with premium Saudi Dates. Each piece is carefully sculpted with rich milk and white chocolate stripes to add charm to our sinfully delicious gourmet chocolate dates. Other flavours include orange zestvwith and strawberry.
Our Tamar Mudhawa
Simply luscious, our Tamar Mudhawa is baked with the purest of ingredients from a hand down traditional recipe. Premium Arabic dates infused with cinnamon and made from a rich assortment of nut kernels, pumpkins and sesame. Contains no added sugar and preservative, All the natural sweetness is from our fresh premium dates. These heavenly bites are also referred to its main ingredients such as Pumpkin Date Delights or Sesame Dates Delights.
Our Sequay Dates with Orange Peel and Lemon Peel
We always bring the choicest delicious dried dates. A good source of energy, vitamins, and minerals, our premium Sequay dates are infused with orange and lemon peel to make these healthy desserts an instant delight and joy for the festive.
Our Traditional Multi-layered Sarawak Cake
Our multi-layered Cake is homemade based on the traditional Sarawakian recipe to guarantee authentic good taste. Baked from scratch, layer by layer, the process requires utmost patience and passion. Our 1.2kg Sarawakian Layer Cake uses as many as 30 eggs to produce a fluffy, smoothly textured, delicious, moist multi-layered pastry that delight the palate of all who tasted it. . Uses only the finest ingredients, these popular layered pastries are available in several flavours including Prune, Spice, Haw Flakes and Chocolate Chips.

Our Rose & Nuts Baklavas
Baked fresh daily, our Baklavas are made up of 40-50 thin layers of phyllo pastry filled with assorted nuts kernel and sweetened with fruits, honey and spices. A rich Mediterranean dessert, Baklavas were once savoured by sultans, emperors, and royal courtiers, and was historically considered a food exclusively for the rich until the mid 19th century. Now you can delight yourself in this fine savoury from Pods & Petals. Made with the same fresh, finest ingredients and without preservatives, our exceptional Baklavas reflect the craftsmanship, pride and tradition of our master pastry makers.
Our Traditional Kelantanese Serunding
Only the best graded lean beef is used to make our savoury Serunding Daging. Blended with a rich combination of ‘Ketumbar’, Shallots, Coconut, Tamarind peel, Turmeric, Kaffir Lime and a hands-me down recipe of concocted spices, our bone-dry, floss version of ‘Rendang’ is indeed the finest in town and the most sought after.
Our Heavenly Homemade Traditional Pineapple Tarts
Simply perfect, our Pineapple Tarts has just the correct proportion of grated pineapples and soft pastry and is big enough for just one mouthful to have the melt-in-the mouth feeling. Made with real fresh pineapple, our tarts are made with real butter and its pastries are always perfect in texture and softness. Made with the finest ingredients from a hand down traditional Malay recipe that is only available from Pods & Petals.
Our Homemade Traditional Bangkit Bugis
Made in floral shape, our Bangkit Bugis are made with tradition in mind. Fragrant, with melt-in-your-mouth texture, each piece is delicately hand made into heavenly bite-sized treats. These traditional Bangkit Bugis is exclusively available at Pods & Petals.
Our Homemade Butter Blueberry Tarts
Unparallel in taste and texture, these tartlets are indeed to die for. With Ingredients such as Blueberry preserves, Pineapple Paste, Egg White, real butter, White Chocolate and a little lemon glaze, these puffy pastries are made perfect with the right techniques, patience and mostly passion.
Our Homemade Traditional Pandan Delights
Simply delicious, our Pandan Delights are made with a rich sensuous mixture of Hawaiian Coconuts, Pandan, Peanuts, and Chocolate Rice. Using traditional Malay recipe, each piece brings instant delight and joy for the festive and is perfect for sharing.
Our Coffee Oil Cookies
Using a mixture of extra virgin oil and virgin coffee oil, obtained from hand-selected, roasted Arabic beans; our Coffee Oil Cookies produce the rich aroma that is simply irresistible. The coffee oil leaves some spicy sensations of wood, slightly sour and spicy but also persistent like a good Expresso. Each cookie is topped off with a roasted almond to enhance the flavour and texture – a celestial treat for all.
Our Homemade Almond Chocolate Cookies
Crunchy on the outside, soft in the inside, our Homemade Almond Chocolate has all the right ingredients for a great tasting treats this festive. The cookies are made from the best almonds, bitter sweet dark chocolate, eggs and home-baked to perfection with fine peanut toppings.
Our Chocolaty Nutty Savoury Dates
Only the best selected Saudi Dates are used to make your savoury Deluxe Chocolate Coated Dates with assorted fillings. Each piece is carefully sculpted with rich milk chocolates and filled with Almond, Pistachio, Apricot and Hazelnut. Besides being a healthy boost, our choicest delicious Savoury Dates are delightfully handmade to provide delight to sight, smell and taste.
Our Ross Cottage Turkish Savoury – Chopped Nuts with Pomegranate, Kiwi, & Milk
Our Turkish Savoury has a soft, delicate, jelly-like consistency and each piece is specially prepared with assorted quality Nuts, chopped Pomegranate, Kiwi, and Milk. These must have Ramadan treats are produced in small quantity each time to ensure precision and perfection.

Our Ross Cottage Turkish Savoury – Rahat Lokma
You get the best Rahat Lokma only when it is prepared with a sincere heart. From the selection of the right ingredients to the perfecting of recipe, each process in making the century old delicacies is monitored closely with only one thing in mind – to make the best tasting Rahat Lokma. Our Rahat Lokma is flavoured with Rosewater, Lemons and Oranges.


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