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Faces of Shame - for Chinese New Year 2011

The Chinese believe at all times, we should be celebrating the New Year with festive revelries, exchanging of gifts and auspicious greetings.

This year, Pods & Petals Giftlab wishes to make a little exception. Yes, we will still be delivering good tidings to family members, friends and associates. At the same time, we would like to do our part in creating awareness of abuses that may be going on in the homes of our fellow Malaysians.

Violence, cruelty and abuses can happen to anyone at any time even during this Chinese New Year. Just before the Lunar New Year begins, there are already several cases of appalling abuses.

Legislation against domestic violence, child abuses and the like are in place to ensure that children and the vulnerable are protected and the villains are punished severely to deter occurrences. Legislation such as The Malaysia Child Act 2001 and the Domestic Violence Act 1994 illustrate that it’s always a continuing crusade to ensure the laws are sufficient to protect the victims.

Laws against animal cruelty is however a different story. With a maximum of a paltry RM200 fine or a maximum jail term of 6 months, The Animal Ordinance dated back in 1953, is a little less than a mere slap on the wrist. Although the number of cases of cruelty to animals and abuses are more than a hundred fold compared to child abuse or domestic violence, only three cases of abusers, received jail sentences in lieu of payment since 1953 and that too were not more than 2 days.

In January 2007, a total of 83,000 signatures were collected nationwide for the case of 7 year old Sheena, a German Shepherd. Sheena was so severely abused by her owner that she has to be put down immediately upon rescue to end her sufferings. Despite the public outcry, all the dins and that the petition was handed directly to the Prime Minister Department, the petition was conveniently passed off as another trifling affair unworthy of the government’s time and consideration. The abuser, Lien Chong San, an engineer, from Subang Jaya, got off smiling with only a RM100 fine.

Lien Chong San from USJ - owner of Sheena, who was left to die after years of abuse. After 83,000 signatures collected nationwide, petition sent to the PM's Dept and months of work by animal lovers and public outcry, Lien was slapped with a paltry fine of RM100 in 2007.


Barely a month into 2011, several major animal cruelty cases again were reported. Sushi’s case happened to be reported because a video was leaked out in the internet.

Allan and Doreen. Sushi, a young brown poodle, was punched, kicked, thrown around, strangled, and slammed against the wall because her stand wasn’t good enough for the abuser. The 15 minute video clip was found and got circulated in the internet.


Doreen, the owner of Sushi, the brown poodle. She watched, video taped and probably participated in the abuse.


However, there’re many more abuse cases that go unreported. Among others is the case of Handsome, which died an agonizing death at the hands of his cruel owner in Lebuh Jelutong, Taman Selatan, Klang.

Family of the owner. Handsome was caged 24/7, not fed, and kept being hosed down every time he makes a ruckus trying to get out. And when he looks dying and fearing its dead body is going to soil their beautiful home in Lebuh Jelutong, Taman Selatan, Klang, his body was dumped right outside their house. When he was found, his lungs were filled with liquid due to being hosed down repeatedly and ants were all over him. He died an agonizing death several hours after he was brought to the vet by some good Samaritans. The family is celebrating CNY as usual.


Owner of Handsome. Check here for more information.


These cases are brought to light because some Malaysians care enough to voice out their concerns. Although we know well that the people in the pictures below will still be walking free and the penalty imposed by our archaic Malaysian Law that awaits them is only a mere RM200 fine (if they are ever convicted), it’s inspiring to know thousands of caring Malaysians are trying to do their in creating the much needed awareness.

Yes, until our politicians and policy makers are willing to take an interest in the welfare of the voiceless, it’s up to the concerned public to perform their moral obligation. It doesn’t matter if you are an animal lover or you are not, it takes very little time to spread a little kindness. Abuses whether it’s towards another human being or animal, are not right and should not be condoned.

What the Malaysian government fails to address in the very basic principle of rights and moral decency underlying our country’s rules, it does not means we should too. Make our stands even when our Leaders do not. Let our children know if we human can’t treat animals with a little moral decency, we will not be in a capacity to be able to treat other fellow humans with equal civility.

This New Year of the Rabbit, spread a little kindness by not condoning cruelty. Educate the young on the sanctity of lives, human or not. Don’t bring home a live rabbit to accessorize your home if you know you will abandon it after the New Year. Let your neighbours know you care and you are not meddlesome. J Just that you do not tolerate cruelty and you do not wish your children to witness unkindness in the neighbourhood.

If you know of any abusers, spread the news and let the faces be known to the public. Shame may possibly work more effectively than our Malaysian Law in sending the message across. So, as we visit family and friends and attend reunion during this Chinese New Year, let these faces be part of our table discourse.

Last but not least, we wishes you a very Happy Rabbity New Year 2011. May you and family have a meaningful Year ahead.

From all of us @ Pods & Petals Giftlab




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