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A letter from the Rat to the Ox

My dear race partner,

Time really flies – it’s your year again! I hope that I’ve kick started a prosperous cycle with the year of Rat in 2008. Although the ending of the year seemed a bit bumpy, I am sure that you will be able to lead a fantastic year ahead! After all, you are dependable, loyal and a natural-born leader who will work hard to achieve your aims. I certainly believe that you will be able to turn any obstacles into your own advantage.

It was a long time ago, wasn’t it? When the Jade Emperor summoned for all the animals for a selection to represent the Zodiac cycle, it was a tough race. Do you remember tiger was just one powerful paw behind you? Or rabbit who took the underground shortcuts? And mighty dragon soaring the sky above us but was delayed as he decided to bring rain to douse the raging fires of a burning village?

I was grateful that you were willing to help me cross the river by letting me ride on your back. Old horse was too proud for that. I knew it was not right of me to cut your line for the first spot but winning this race meant a lot to me. I thought I would have gained more respect if I won. It turned out that it didn’t work that way but I have improved a great deal since then. Although sad to say, I’ll never learn to be as honest and sincere as you.

Fortunately for your good nature, you did not hold grudges against me. That silly cat is still chasing me to this day for not reminding him of the race. I truly forget – honest! He’s such a revengeful fellow, unlike you, ever so patient and forgiving.

Anyway, it was an exciting and eventful year of 2008 for me and I could really use a good holiday now, what say you?

Have a blasting year ahead and all the best!

PS: Oh by the way, I’ll be joining mylittletail as the official mascot, you’ll know where to find me right?

Best wishes,

Old Rat


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Today, almost everyone is competing in a rat race but that doesn’t mean that we have to always be shrewd. It pays to be kind most of the time but if it turns out otherwise, it might just be a blessing in disguise.

To commemorate all the good qualities of our Ox friend, Pod and Petals Giftlab is proud to present a range of exclusive gold-plated Ox ornaments for your selection! It will make a meaningful gift for the New Year and a perfect decoration to remind ourselves to be dedicated and persistent for better years to come!

Visit for your selection now.


Pods & Petals Giftlab


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