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The Best of Ramadhan and Raya Delicacies 2008

Pods & Petals GiftlabAfter all these years, there’s still nothing quite like our range of Ramadhan delicacies. This Ramadhan, we are offering over 10 varieties of great tasting food from all over the Middle Eastern continents to bring delight to your family, friends and business partners. Whoever they are and whatever the budget, you’ll find we deliver delights like no-one else.

Our Dates
Our Dates or Buah Kurma are specially sourced, picked and shipped many months before the Ramadhan festivity to ensure they are of the highest quality, size and taste. The varieties include the King of Dates, Ajwa, Khudry and Medjool from Madinah, Saudi and South Africa. For our Stuffed Dates, the fi llings include an assortment of fresh pistachio, hazelnut, almond, apricot, cashew and walnut.
Our Dates Delights
Our Date Delights comes in a variety of shapes and are made from a rich combination of premium dates and assorted nut kernels, sesame seeds and honey. A must have Ramadhan delicacies in the Middle Eastern Kingdom.
Our Ultimate Chocolate Dates
There’s a clue in the name. Our Chocolate Dates are specially dipped in imported Swiss Felchlin couvertures and stuffed with premium Saudi Dates. Each piece is carefully sculpted with rich milk and white chocolate stripes to add charm to our sinfully delicious gourmet chocolate dates. Other fl avors include orange zestvwith and strawberry.
Our Maamouls
Only the best selected Saudi Dates are used to make our savory Maamouls. Other fi ne ingredients that go into these soft shortbread pastries include real butter, semolina, and nut kernels. Popular in the Middle East, these traditional delicacies are served during special occasions.
Our Tamr-Tabh
Also known as Milouki, our fi ngersome Tamr-Tabh combines traditional Arabic fl avors of assorted nuts, fruits and spices. Comes in several varieties, the shapes and texture of this wholesome delicacies
will tell apart the different assortment of Tamr-Tabh that we offer. Roasted almonds, pistachios, coconuts, dates pulps and fruits are some of the varieties available.
Our Tamar Mudhawa
Simply luscious, our Tamar Mudhawa is baked with the purest of ingredients from a hand down traditional recipe. Premium Arabic dates infused with cinnamon and made from a rich assortment of nut kernels and sesame. Contains no added sugar and preservative. All the natural sweetness is from our fresh premium dates.
Our Barazeh
A guaranteed hit for both children and adult, Our Barazeh is made from the original Turkish recipe of butter ghee, golden sesame seeds, nut kernels and vanilla. This Middle Eastern savory is crunchy, wickedly additive, and goes well with coffee or tea. Also comes with slices of almonds.
Our Baklavas
Baked fresh daily, our Baklavas are made up of 40-50 thin layers of phyllo pastry fi lled with assorted nuts kernel and sweetened with honey and spices. A rich Mediterranean dessert, Baklavas were once made only on special occasions, and was historically considered a food exclusively for the rich until the mid 19th century.
Our Nougats
Imported from Lebanon, only the fi nest of ingredients are used in our soft Nougats - Turkish pistachio, California almond, apricots, strawberry, raspberry, kiwi and banana. Our fi ne nougat is gelatin free and is made by hand and cooked in small batches to ensure they are always soft, creamy and smooth, with a pleasing chewiness and a wonderful honey fl avor.
Our Decadence Chocolates
Some great gourmet is decadent because of its unparalleled deliciousness. Truly, our Decadence gourmet chocolates are true to its name. Using imported ingredients from Belgium and the pureness
of 100% cocoa butter, you can embrace in the exotic aroma and rich chocolaty texture of Decadence’s pralines, truffles and giandujas.
Our Gharaibeh
Crunchy and fragrant, our Gharaibeh is made from semolina and spices as the main ingredient. Depending on the type of variety served, mochas and pistachio nuts are also added to zing up the
Our Ghalmond Chocolate Coated Cookies
Simply delicious, our Ghalmond Chocolate Coated Cookies are made with a rich sensuous mixture of ghee, california almond nip, 100% belgian chocolates, crushed bread and a tinge of vanilla.
These heavenly round shaped treats are specially prepared with Decadence’s secret recipe to ensure each scrummy piece is always rich, creamy and soft enough to melt in your mouth.
Our Coconut Rocher
This mouth-watering savory is made of desiccated young coconuts with breadcrumbs coated with White 100% Belgian chocolates. Each piece is delicatedly hand made into little celestial treats for the satisfaction of both cookies and chocolate lovers.
Our Chocolate Sughee
Simply heavenly, each divine treats is the blend of sughee, real butter, almond nip and breadcrumbs coated with smooth creamy milk Belgian chocolates.


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