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When TNB Sneezes, The Rest of Us Catch the Cold

Dear Valued Customers,

Besides preparing our flowers, our daily chores over the past few days have been quite interesting. Especially after last week nationwide blackout, people were starting to compare the experience of a badly handled flower delivery and the anguish of not having electricity.

One of our floral designers broke her nail and the other broke her favorite mug during the blackout. Yes, they cursed TNB for their mishap. Mine was more genuinely related. I lost some valuable reports while churning soft data in our computer. I cursed my own folly for not having saving my data on regular intervals.

Like everyone else, we make sure that we threw some fuss to whoever that was responsible. It was therapeutic to turn the table around this time, and be the customer.

Having said that, our thought of joining the bandwagon evaporates when human error were ruled out from the recent blackout. It is afterall, a "misfortune". Seemingly, as announced last Friday, there'll be no compensation or rebates for the 'little discomforts' that we experience during the hiccup.

How we love the convenience. But we know well what it takes to be at the forefront of Good Customer Relation.

Now back to our previous email on "What do you think is fair?"

The suggestions from all of you are invaluable, insightful and some, we would say, very creative. We thank you for that.

From the writings, we discover that many of our customers are well-read and are an interesting group of people. And yes, we love the witty humor that some of you have on this somewhat 'controversial' subject.


Silk Treasure

Silk Treasure
Priced at RM338
Free Delivery within
Klang Valley

Silk Treasure

We love to commend that we, Malaysian, are indeed very forgiving. We can roll on the floor, scream our lungs out and the next day, everything is beautiful again. We summed this up after reading through all the replies from you.

Then again, forgiving is one thing. Forgetting is another. Many of your suggestions pointed to compensating customers by means of something equivalent to the value of the purchased item. It is the "forgetting" aspect that is difficult to tackle. We learned that it is always "the surprise elements" of the compensation that will do the job.

Dramatic response requires dramatic treatment.

As theatrical as things can be, we know all of us love the drama. With this in mind, we would like to specially present to you one of our dramatic gifts for this coming Chinese New Year.

Let us introduce to you our Silk Treasure, an exquisite collection of Premium Japanese Dried Scallops (100g), Superior Golden Stripe Blood Bird's Nest (2pcs), Quality Ginseng Slices(100g), White Flower Mushroom (100g) and Eu Yan Sang Essence of Chicken (2btls) - elegantly packed in either maroon or gold (you tell us which one you prefer) signature Oriental Silk Box decked with festive accessories.

We are giving you a RM50 PPG Cash Voucher for every 2 Boxes of Silk Treasure  that you order. On top of that, you will be entitled to a "Double Bonus" Real Reward points for the total purchases. Remember, this promotion is only applicable while stocks last and is not valid with other promotions. Further, you only get this promotion if you read our emails.

You may call us, fax to us or order through our website, In case there is another nationwide blackout, please visit us at our office. We do not want to lose your business because of another company's "misfortune".  

Pods & Petals Giftlab
03-7883 0233

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