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Gift wrapping and packaging trend

"It's all in the packaging," is a creed some people swear by. Some gifts look more valuable than other same-priced gifts when they have the perfect packaging. Now more than ever, it has become trendy to give gifts in swirled ribbons, customized gift sacks, impressionable wrapping, and logo branded boxes. Gifts wrapped together in a basket and accessorized with fresh flowers and fruits are also quite ‘in vogue’ lately. Not only that, the brand and good name of the gift company that make and deliver the gifts say a lot about your gifts and your good intentions.

Gifts can be classy and elegant if they are presented as a whole with flowers and ribbons. Here, Chocolates and gifts areshrink wrapped in a basket of flowers and finished with a gold knotted


Matching the texture, color, and type of ribbons with box used for conventional gifts. Otherwise, feel free to experiment to contrasting accessories and colors to add character to your gift.

Besides boxes and wrapping materials,
specially selected pots, ceramics, and glasses can be used to present
a gift.
Small accessories such Dried flowers, silk foliages and pearl to go along with wrapped gifts.


Some of the packaging trends that we have observed of late are :

  • Mix and match packing materials such as nettings, raffia, satin, natural fiber with different grades of wrapping paper.

  • Stripes and polka dots that used to be in vogue in the 70s are coming back in trend lately

  • Old-fashioned paper prints

  • Silver and Gold wired ribbons. Although many used to reserve them for Christmas, they are still a good choice for day-to-day gift giving occasions. You will never go wrong with them.

  • Loud Vibrant Single colored Craft paper such as Purple, Red, Pink, Yellow and Green when matched with simple paper ribbons.

  • Small accessories such Paper flowers, silk foliages and pearl to go along with wrapped gifts.

  • Shrink wrapping of gifts together with fresh vibrant flowers in a basket or decorative box

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add special flair to my gift for a special festive occasion? I have been sending this special someone the same thing all the time previously and I want to try something different now.

Try colors and materials that are "outside the box".
While many of us think of traditional colors like red for Chinese New Year or green shades for Hari Raya, the sky is truly the limit when it comes to wrapping gifts and preparing cards. For many gift givers, the paper, bows and envelopes are an extension of their own personal style. Is hot pink and pale green really OK for Christmas? If that's a favorite color combination - then why not?
You've no doubt put a lot of time and energy into choosing a gift that reflects the interests and tastes of the person receiving the gift. All of that effort is even more personal when you consider the presentation. Trendy, classic, artistic, eclectic - throw yourself into those papers and bows and a make a great gift truly extraordinary. To be extra sure, you may also want to let a reputable gift company to handle your gift giving exercise.

Explore packaging that reflects a gift's theme.
When you've selected a gift specifically for a decorator, gourmet, artist, sports enthusiast or movie buff, it's always fun to wrap your gift to match the theme. Wrap the decorator's gift in wallpaper with a paintbrush tied onto the bow or arrange the cook's gifts in a fancy mixing bowl with a specialty whisk.

Sometimes it's the message that makes a special gift.
You've done the hard work of selecting the best gift company to prepare and deliver your gifts. You shouldn’t put that effort into waste by letting the gift being delivered with a monotonous message such as “Happy Birthday”, “Happy Valentine” or “Congratulation on your new baby”. . Add some personal touch by making your message personal and meaningful. Some gift companies can give you advice on the message but you should add more mileage by constructing your own message which is only known to you.


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