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Gifting Ideas for The Wedding Couple

How soon should I send a gift?
Anytime before the wedding. You can also send the gift as soon as you hear about it, even before the invitation card arrives.

How much should I spend?
There is no hard and fast rule, so it is entirely up to you. Let your affection for the bride and groom and your budget be your guide. However, from our experience, gift these days range from RM100 - RM500 depending on the following factors :

  • How close are you to the bride, the bridegroom or their family?

  • How much did the couple or their family spent on your wedding?

  • Whether you want to enhance your relationship with them in the future or it doesn’t matter.

  • What are other friends, relatives or colleagues giving so that even if you are to give a budgeted gift, it wouldn’t look paltry. Some gifts pale in comparison.

Is it appropriate to give money?
Yes, it is. Being extremely practical, many cultures have adopted this aspect of gift giving.

Is flower an appropriate wedding gift?
Always. Flowers are in fact the most appropriate gift for a wedding unless you already know what the wedding couple wants and that no body else is getting them the requested gift. From our survey, we found that many gifts such as décor gifts, household sets, electrical items etc which are often given may just become white elephant because the couples have no use of them. There are times when the couple receives 3 -4 units of dinner porcelain sets, paintings or décor pieces which do not match their new abode. Unless, the new couple has specifically penned a detailed “gift list” and managed accordingly in order to prevent duplication of gifts given, it may not be wise to give such gifts. Flowers, on the other hand, are universal gifts and always adds a touch of romanticism and beauty to the event.

What do I do if I haven't received a thank you note?
Ouch!! This is an awkward situation. It is certainly OK to call and ask the couple if they received the gift. If you find this too awkward and the gift was sent from a shop, you can call the company and have it traced. Usually, if you make a purchase from Pods & Petals Giftlab, they will automatically update on the time and date the gift was delivered. In addition, you may also request for an acknowledged copy of the receipt.


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