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Frequently Ask Questions

1. Why Pods & Petals' Giftlab?
Whether a gift is a token of gratitude or a grand gesture of love, we consider its giving and receiving a cherished occasion in itself. A gift from Pods & Petals' Giftlab can celebrate anything -a birthday, an anniversary or a new birth. It's the thought that counts. At Pods & Petals' Giftlab, we always aim to deliver gifts that will be cherished for all time.

2. What sort of gifts can you find at Pods & Petals' Giftlab?
You can find almost anything that will suit the discerning giver. From designer box hampers to contemporary food baskets, to gift packages and floral arrangements, Pods & Petals' Giftlab creates gifts for all sorts of occasion. We also welcome inquiries from corporate clients with custom gift requirements. You can choose to email us or call us at 03 7955 7555 for further information.

3. How do I use
By clicking and shopping at our online boutique. We accept payment by cash, Visa or Mastercard from all major banks. Alternatively, you can call our hotline at 03 7955 7555 or fill in your particulars on our fax order form, and fax it to us at 03 7885 8327

4. How do I pay? Cash or Credit Card?
We accept both cash and credit card.
a) When paying by cash, just click on the "Money Order / Cheque" or "Wire Transfer" button when choosing your payment method. You will be contacted by our Customer Service via telephone to verify your order and to arrange for collection of payment. Please note that the option for cash collection from our Collection Personnel at your place is only available for customers residing in the Klang Valley. This option is only available upon confirmation by our Customer Service.
b) When paying by credit card, just fill in your credit card particulars online at the respective segments and your orders will be processed immediately. 

5. I don't trust online credit card transactions… what then?
Alternatively, if you have little confidence in online credit card transactions, you can choose "Money Order / Cheque" or "Wire Transfer" as payment method and when we call to verify your order, you may wish to quote your credit card particulars to our Customer Service to carry out the online credit card transaction. Please note that we do not encourage our customers to email us their credit card particulars due to security reasons. Such information should only be revealed when prompted while filling up our order form or via fax when agreed upon with a Giftlab Customer Service representative.

6. Is PPG's online payment system secure?
All our online payment transactions are powered by our Strategic Business Partner, IBM WEBSPHERE PAYMENT MANAGER, a reknowned secured online payment facilitator that uses a combination of both established and innovative techniques to ensure the security and integrity of all sensitive data.

All information provided by you during the shopping process is encrypted for your protection and such information will be treated as confidential, and will not be disclosed or sold to any other parties. When using Netscape Navigator or Internet Explorer, you will notice a Solid Key or a Closed Lock verifying that you are in an encrypted area.

7. What is PPG’s current rewards or loyalty program?
All purchases made online and offline will be accorded with RealRewards Points where Members can accumulate to redeem for exciting gifts ranging from electrical and household appliances, perfumes and fragrances, toys, decorative, personal care, healthcare, brand name luxury items, and more. Learn more about our RealRewards Program.

8. Where can I send my gifts to and how is it delivered? 
a) Flowers, cakes, balloons and fruits baskets designed and packaged by Pods & Petals' Giftlab can only be delivered within Klang Valley and Selangor.
b) Gifts and hampers from Pods & Petals' Giftlab can be delivered throughout Malaysia, for a a minimal delivery fee. All deliveries outside of Klang Valley and Selangor will be arranged by our appointed courier service provider. Please allow 3 working days for delivery of gifts via courier. 
c) For fresh flowers related orders to be delivered outside of Klang Valley and Selangor, delivery will be made and completed by Pods & Petals Giftlab's appointed partners. Quality control checks will always be conducted by Pods & Petals' Giftlab to ensure that designs and freshness of bouquets are maintained.
d) For fresh flowers orders outside of Malaysia (eg. Singapore), the price of floral arrangements will be based on the currency of the recipient's country. Hence, should an order for a Malaysian Ringgit $100 bouquet be delivered to Singapore, the cost of the bouquet will automatically be Singapore Dollars $100 due to the differences currency exchange and cost of flowers and delivery.

9. How long does it take for my order to be processed?
To protect our customers from potential fraud, our Customer Service personnel are trained to verify and confirm your orders via telephone or email before it is finally processed. This practice is irregardless of our customer's payment method. Our standard processing time is as follow;

1. On the same day if your order is received before 12pm of the same day;
2. The next following workday if your order is received after 12pm.

10. How do I know if my order was placed? 
Upon submitting an order, either cash or credit card, you will immediately be presented with a printable screen confirmation. Our Customer Service will attempt to contact you with regards to your purchases and payment during working hours on the same day or the next working day if we receive your orders after 5.30 pm.

11. Can my gifts be delivered immediately on the same day after making my order?
Although extensive care is taken in processing all online orders, there are still some possibilities beyond our control whereby an order could be overlooked. Therefore, we always suggest our urgent customers to make their orders by phone to avoid any form of inconvenience. Please call our hotline at 603 7955 7555 and quote your order to our Customer Service and we will have it arranged for immediate delivery.

12. How long does it take before my gift is delivered?
Gift delivery time is standard at 5 working hours after confirmation of order. Unless due to unforeseen circumstances or during festive seasons such as Chinese New Year, Valentine's Day, Deepavali, Hari Raya, Christmas and public holidays, we will advise on the latest delivery time available.

13. What are Pods & Petals' Giftlab's delivery schedules?
1. Mondays to Fridays - 9am till 8pm
2. Saturday and Sundays - 9am till 3pm
3. Deliveries via courier service require 3 working days
4. During festive seasons whereby delivery commitments are at its peak, you will be advised on the next best delivery time. Under certain uncontrollable circumstances that may affect the success of the delivery, Pods & Petals' Giftlab will have no other option but to rearrange for another time of delivery with either the recipient or the sender. 

14. Can I order in advance?
Yes. But we only accept orders one month ahead of actual delivery date and this only applies to non-seasonal gifts. Valentine's and Mother's day gifts are not applicable as prices during these holidays are influenced by market price fluctuation.

15. Can I request delivery on a specific date? 
While placing your order, you will be prompted for your preferred delivery date. If you request a date that is not available due to shipping and delivery restrictions, our Customer Service will contact you to arrange for another available delivery date. 

16. Can I request a specific time of the day for my delivery? cannot guarantee specific delivery times. We will make every attempt to accommodate special requests, but we cannot guarantee it. 

17. Can I make changes to the delivery address? 
If you would like to make changes to the delivery address on your order please notify us as soon as possible. We will be happy to make any necessary changes as long as (1.) the order has not yet been delivered or (2.) the order is not in the process of being delivered. Once your gift order has been processed and is in transit, will be unable to make any changes to the order. You may request address changes by completing a customer service e-mail request form. 

18. Can I change my delivery date? 
If you would like to make changes to your preferred delivery date of order, please notify as soon as possible. We will be happy to make any necessary changes to your delivery date as long as (1.) the order has not yet been delivered, (2.) the order is not in the process of being delivered or (3.) the new delivery date you request falls within the delivery restrictions of the product ordered. Once your gift order has been processed and is in transit, Pods & Petals' Giftlab will be unable to make any changes to the order. You may request delivery date changes by completing a Customer Service request form. 

19. Do I have to be a Giftlab Club Member to place an order?
No. Pods & Petals' Giftlab does not require you to be a registered member to purchase from the site. However, we do recommend taking just a few minutes to set-up an account with us so that you may participate in the many benefits we offer our registered members. These include:
- More convenient shopping tools
- Access to future special discounts and promotions.
- You will be included in the Recipient List of our Festive and Designer Catalogs 
- Periodic updates from Giftlab

20. Can I cancel my order? 
If you would like to cancel your order, please notify Pods & Petals Giftlab as soon as possible. We will be able to cancel your order as long as (1.) the order has not yet been delivered or (2.) the order is not in the process of being delivered. Once your gift order has been processed and is in transit, Pods & Petals' Giftlab will be unable to make any changes to the order. You may request an order cancellation by completing a customer service request form. 

21. How long can I expect my Fresh Flowers to last? 
Depending on the type of flowers, with proper care and condition, the flowers are expected to last for approximately 3-7 days. 

22. How can I best care for my flowers? 
For best results, change or add water daily. When possible, re-cut flower stems underwater. Adding a floral preservative to fresh flowers will maximize the freshness and life of your flowers. 

23. Is what I see, what I get?
Yes, in many cases. Still we always advise our customers that products featured on our site are merely representation and are subject to availability and change. During times when uncontrollable factors can affect fulfillment, Pods & Petals' Giftlab reserves the right to substitute your order with another item/product that is equal or higher in value. 

Uncontrollable factors meaning natural and seasonal conditions or depletion of stocks. For example, supply for certain kind of flowers or colour are not always available as it depends on the season and the condition during harvest. 

In addition, Pods & Petals' Giftlab offers a range of prices and options for its bouquet and gifts through its "Price-Volume Ratio" scheme. The size, volume, type of flowers and foliages, and materials used will be adapted to the price purchased. 

24. Are's prices fixed throughout the year?
Yes, except during Valentine's day, Mother's day and certain holidays whereby prices of flowers are subject to market price fluctuation. During such times, will advise on the new revised price structures.


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