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10 Reasons why our Prices are the Best
  1. We import most of our gift products and materials. Hence, most of our inputs are at direct wholesaling price. Customers are not paying for middlemen prices.
  2. We order most of our products in bulk and we get lower prices for these items. The savings are passed to our customers.
  3. Sometimes, we are overstocked with some materials, hence we wouldn't mind to charge customers at cost so that we be rid of them.
  4. We add more flowers to a bouquet when we over-ordered our flowers. Instead of throwing away the flowers, we add to the bouquets that our customers have ordered.

    Some of our prices are higher because..
  5. We only uses original products and avoid imitations / fakes at all cost. Products such as designer perfumes, baby clothes, branded beverages and food are examples.
  6. We use better quality materials and accessories.
  7. Our baskets are more expensive as all of our baskets are carefully selected and are of the materials and quality that our customers require.
  8. Our packaging and designs are nicer. Nicer means our materials and input are of higher costs, hence higher prices.
  9. Pods & Petals Giftlab do not compromise on the values of our design, quality of flowers and materials used. For example, we uses only imported Grade A++ Roses instead of local roses which are way cheaper. Some of our imported foliage are even expensive than our main flowers.
  10. We employ better people and system. Our floral designers are trained professional, our Customer service personnel are graduates and we have a proper tracking system to ensure that your orders reach your recipients the way you want.





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